Lagos reads riot act to Hospitality Businesses over Fake Drinks

Lagos reads riot act to Hospitality Businesses over Fake Drinks
The Lagos Government has cautioned Entertainment Centres in the State against sales and distribution of Fake Drinks.
Idris Aregbe, Special Adviser (SA) to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tourism, Arts and Culture, gave the warning in a Statement issued through his Instagram page #idrisconnectingnigeria#.
Aregbe said this was in response to the rising concern on Counterfeit Drinks circulating in Clubs and Restaurants across the State.
According to him, the prevalence of Fake Drinks poses a significant threat to Public Health and Safety, prompting intensified and coordinated efforts by his Office to eradicate these Substandard Products from circulation.
“We call upon all Clubs, Restaurants and Public Places where Drinks are sold to exercise due diligence in ensuring they do not purchase or serve Fake Drinks to unsuspecting Consumers,” he said.
Aregbe assured the Public of a comprehensive effort to eliminate Fake Drinks from the Markets.
He said the State would be collaborating with the Director, Investigation and Enforcement, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Ononiwu Ezeribe and the Lagos State Safety Commission led by Lanre Mojola.
He warned that any Entertainment Venue or Gathering found serving or selling Fake Drinks will face immediate closure, with the suspension of their Operating License.
He said that stringent measures would  be taken to safeguard the well-being of Lagos Residents and Visitors.
He disclosed that the Ministry is working with other relevant Agencies to ensure full compliance with eradicating Fake Drinks.
According to Mojola, this is a laudable initiative from the SA and a furtherance of the Governor’s commitment to the safety of Lives.
“We urge Drinks Manufacturers to take a proactive role in Public Enlightenment, guiding Consumers on how to identify Genuine Products.
“Proper labelling, packaging, and distribution Channels should be emphasised to enhance awareness and ensure the authenticity of Beverages,” he said.


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