Military to Leaders of Delta Community: Produce killers of our Men

Military to Leaders of Delta Community: Produce killers of our Men

The Nigerian Military has debunked claims that it has embarked on reprisal attacks on Okuama Community in Delta.

Some Members of the Community had on Thursday ambushed and murdered the Commanding Officer of 181 Army Amphibious Battalion, two Majors, one Captain and 12 Soldiers.

The Director Defence Media Operations, Major General Edward Buba, in a Statement on Monday, said the Community was already deserted even before Troops arrived there.

Buba advised those peddling the fake news of reprisal attacks on the Community to desist from further dishonouring the Fallen Heroes.

He said it behoves on the Community Leaders, Elders and the People of Delta to identify the Perpetrators of the murder, so that they could be brought to account for the heinous crime.

The Defence Spokesman said as long as the dispute between Okuama and Okoloba Communities remain, it “implies that there could be untoward activities not initiated by the Military”.

“Overall, there is no doubt, that this is an extremely sad development and untoward activity by Members of the Okuama Community against Troops that were there to protect them.

“We urge the Public to resist the temptation of allowing any videos of the incident of the killed Personnel from going viral.

“It would be a dishonour to the Fallen Heroes to allow such ugly videos of their demise go viral.

“Above all, as the Military mourns, it remains ever determined to ensure safety and security of Citizens across the Country,” he said.

Buba said it was tragic, senseless and barbaric to have killed the Officers and Soldiers in such a dehumanised and unspeakable manner.

According to him, while the Armed Forces mourns the loss of the Gallant Troops, there will be measured responses and injurious consequences for the Perpetrators.

He consoled their Families, Colleagues and Loved Ones over the tragic incident.

Buba reminded Nigerians that the Armed Forces consist of Citizens from every nook and cranny of the Nation who had taken Oath of  Allegiance to put themselves in harms way to defend the Country.

The Defence Spokesman said it was in line with this, that Troops were deployed on Internal Security Operations in about all the States of the Federation to intervene, deescalate and contain Security breaches.

“The ugly incident in Okuama Community in Delta is indicative of the dangers our Gallant Troops experience in order to secure our Nation.

“The Military assures that there would be measured responses and injurious consequences for the Perpetrators of these dastardly act.

“Nevertheless, the Armed Forces being a Disciplined Force that complies with Rules of Engagement, Laws of Armed Conflict and the respect for Human Rights would be tempered by these Provisions.

“We would not be led by emotions, but by the Rule of Law,” he added.


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Tinubu: We'll find those who killed our patriotic, brave, gallant 'Officers and Men'

Tinubu: We'll find those who killed our patriotic, brave, gallant 'Officers and Men'

President Bola Tinubu has described the 17 Officers and Soldiers killed in Okuama on March 14 as patriotic, brave and gallant Nigerians.

He said that the Deceased gave their lives to defend and protect the Nation against internal and external threats.

At the Burial Ceremony of the Officers and Soldiers on Wednesday in Abuja, Tinubu said that their death serves as a rallying point for Nigerians to condemn Crime and Criminality.

“They went as Peace Makers and Peace Keepers, seeking to bring an end to the hostilities between the two Communities.

“They didn’t go with Tanks, Machine Guns and other Weapons. They were on a Mission of Peace.

“The Officers and Soldiers who lost their lives that day were Patriots, Brave and Noble Men who gave their lives to defend and protect our Nation against internal and external threats,” he said.

The 17 Military Personnel killed include Lt.-Col. Ali, Maj. D.E Obi, Maj. S.D. Ashafa, Capt. U. Zakari, Staff Sgt. Yahaya Saidu, Corporal Danbaba Yahaya, Corporal Kabir Bashir, Lance Corporal Abdullahi Ibrahim, Lance Corporal Bulus Haruna, Lance Corporal Sole Opeyemi, and Lance Corporal Bello Anas.

The rest are Private Alhaji Isah, Private Clement Francis, Private Abubakar Ali, Private Adamu Ibrahim, Private Hamman Peter, and Private Ibrahim Adamu.

Tinubu said that the Deceased have all been awarded Posthumous National Honours.

“The four gallant Officers have been awarded Member of the Order of Niger (MON). And the 13 courageous Soldiers who also lost their lives have been Awarded Federal Republic Medals.

“As Commander-In-Chief, I do not take the contributions of Members of our Armed Forces for granted. I recognise your valour and bravery.

“I honour your unflinching commitment to making our Country safe from Criminals, Bandits, Kidnappers and Insurrectionists.”

The President urged the Officers and Men of the Military not to be deterred by this setbacks and be prepared to continue to work for peace and harmony.

Tinubu also called on Nigerians to rededicate themselves to rebuilding Communities and making them places where love, tolerance and harmony reigns.

“Leaders at all levels, especially Community Leaders and Traditional Rulers, must work to strengthen the bonds that unite us. We must end the cycle of violence and bloodletting.

“I want to make it clear, once more, that those who committed this heinous crime will not go unpunished. We will find them and our departed Heroes will get justice.

“The Elders and Chiefs of Okuoma also have a duty to help the Military in fishing out the Gunmen who committed the barbaric Crime against our Men.”

The President commended the Armed Forces for their restraint in choosing not to carry out any reprisal attacks in Okuoma or its Neighbouring Communities.

“We must all ensure that the innocent People of Okuoma are not made to bear the punishment of the guilty and wicked among them.”

He said that Government would provide a House in any part of the Country to each of the Families of the four Officers and 13 Soldiers.

Tinubu added that all the Children of the Deceased would enjoy a Federal Government Scholarships up to  University level.

The President also directed the Military to within the next 90 days, ensure that all the Benefits of the Departed are paid to their Families.


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